Summer 2024 Open Gyms

This summer we will be offering advanced open gyms!

 Thursday nights from 5-7pm at 

VHM, 427 Capitola Ext Rd, Santa Cruz

Our open gyms will be available to rising freshmen to 18 year olds.
In addition to having open play, we will be offering positional skills training on another court every other week. 

For the training clinic (OG #1, #3, #5, #7), we will have a skill focus every session (serving and passing, defense, setting, and attacking) 

Players can attend just open gym play that will take place for the full two hours and/or get targeted reps with coach feedback in our skills clinic.

For players wanting to prep for high school and club tryouts, we encourage them to do an hour of the skills session and then an hour of open play to follow. 

These open gyms are a great tool to keep your indoor volleyball skills sharp over the summer so you are ready for club tryouts July 28th!



$15 for returning SAND players (email for the discount code)

$20 for non-SAND players


$25 for SAND and non-SAND players (pay at the door)

When registering on TeamSideline, create account under parent’s name

To enroll in open gyms, go to “Cart”

For Enrollee, select your child’s name

  • If it is your first time using TeamSideline, click “Add Enrollee” and then “Add Child” Once you create a child profile, click “Enroll”

For Enrollment Type, select “Player”

For Program, select “SAND SANTA CRUZ – Open Gyms – Summer 2024”

For Offering, select the open gym(s) your child will attend and then “Add Enrollment”

Proceed to checkout to complete medical, emergency contact, T&C, and payment information

Your cart should reflect your order total.

  • If you are a SAND player, you will enter the coupon code for the $5 discount at the very end (email for code)


Click “Place Order” and we will see you on Thursday!

Open Gym Dates:

OG #1  June 6th (Open Gym + Serving/Passing Clinic)

OG #2  June 13th (Open Gym ONLY)

OG #3  June 20th (Open Gym + Defense Clinic)

OG #4  June 27th (Open Gym ONLY)


OG #5  July 11th (Open Gym + Setting Clinic)

OG #6  July 18th (Open Gym ONLY)

OG #7  July 25th (Open Gym + Attacking Clinic)