Introducing Live Editor!

Editing your website just got way easier!

Introducing the new Live Editor. 

Getting Started

-Simply navigate to the page you wish to edit while logged in to any account with admin privileges.

-Next look for live editor in the admin toolbar at the top of the page and select it.

-Once open you should see edit boxes appear around the text areas. (for this example we are using the about page as an example)

Edit Text

-select the text you wish to edit and change it to the desired text

Edit Icon/Images

-select the icon or image you wish to change and will open a selector

Edit Background

-select the area that you wish to switch the background image or color on (note* this area is not necessarily highlighted by an edit box.)

in the bottom left corner of the screen you should see a menu. Click the picture icon and will open the image folder for you to upload or select from. 

After Making Changes

-In the bottom left corner menu, make sure to click done and publish to save and changes you’ve made and that’s it!.

View Newly Edited Page